Introduction to Pauls Pods

Posted in General by paulspods on February 6th, 2012

Introduction to Paul's pods, a chance to meet me and find out what these pods will be about.

These podcasts are something I have been thinking about for a long time. To long, last week I was wondering how I could help more people. It was sparked off one evening when I was walking round the garden where I live.

It has been snowing for a few hours and I thought it might be fun to go and play in it for a while, catching snow flakes as they fall with my tongue and look around and see what animal tracks I could find.

After a time I was cold so decided to walk round the building on my way back to the apartment. I found a neighbour of mine attempting to find the correct key for her apartment and as I carry a torch I went over to help her as she is about seventy years old and I had not seen her for a while.

I helped her in and noticed that see seamed upset about something and was crying. We sat down and after she had calmed down she explained that she had been upset due to a beggar she had seen outside the local Tescos who was begging for money, sitting in the snow, freezing cold.

She had bought him some soup and a sausage roll and given him some money, but on her way home it really started to upset her. She talked for sometime about how unfair life was to him and how he could have got into that position and where he was going to sleep that night. It got me thinking.

Although I do help with many projects, I may have been lacking in not helping in a bigger way. Much of our pain and suffering and discomfort comes from what we do to our selves, our own minds tend to mess us up more than any one else can.

Most people have no idea how to programme, direct and use their own minds to allow them to have a happier, healthier lifestyle. Well, I have the tools and products and ways to assist people in doing this.

So on these podcasts I will be offering advice and techniques that will help and in my own way improve the quality of life for many people and through that future generations. Just imagine if your mum and dad had known how to turn off worry and anxiety and had used it.

How much happier would your life have been around them. If they had taught you how to do it, how your life would have been different, knowing how to use or turn off worry, anxiety and stress, how much better your relationships would have been in the past, how much better your current relationships would be.

If you have kids, just imagine the benefits of teaching them how to do the same, how will that change their lives. So these podcasts are here to allow me to do my bit to help the planet and people on her. It is also a way for me to rant and rave about things.

If you like them tell others, if you would like a podcast on something let me know.